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Lower Academy

Course content at the Elementary level reflects our educational philosophy, which blends a Classical approach with a Christian worldview.  As our students begin their formal learning, they are exposed to a heavy dose of Grammar stage skills and methods.  Those include basic facts, memorization, recitation and drill and practice.  These students are wired with brains that delight in clear knowledge of right and wrong, and a clear set of facts to work with.  Courses focus on Biblical truths, and students are rewarded for mastering and internalizing these truths.  In so doing, we are laying a foundation of higher-level learning that will best equip these young Christians to interact successfully in life.  Core curricular areas include language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, Latin and Bible.


Small class sizes and individual attention allow teachers to focus on the building blocks of education in our Lower Academy. Teachers at Vail Christian Academy are dedicated to consummately using their God-given talents to present a rigorous, challenging and meaningful curriculum in a loving Christian atmosphere where every child is valued for his/her unique qualities.


Lessons in character are a daily occurrence at Vail Christian Academy. Learning about people and stories in the Bible, as well as the love of Christ, encourage students to aspire to great character. Physical Education, Art, Music and Technology complete the exemplary Lower Academy program at VCA.


Lower Academy Curriculum