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Upper Academy

VCA Upper Academy Academic Mission

Course content at the Upper Academy level reflects our education philosophy, which blends a Classical approach with a Christian worldview.  As our students move into our Upper Academy, courses have been designed to build on the concrete, or grammar stages, of instruction in the elementary grades and to offer greater levels of skills and practices that support the more abstract, or logic, stage of classical development.  We believe the Upper Academy years offer the best opportunity to equip our students with the tools to maneuver around our complicated world, while being able to logically explain their own growing understanding of what an analytical and ethical Christian can expect to contribute and accomplish in their lifetime.

Service Projects, Special Days and Activities

Sixth Grade

  • Community Volunteer Service Days
  • Ski Days
  • 10th Mountain Division Hut Trip
  • Piney Lake Team Building Day
  • Chess and Keyboarding

Seventh Grade

  • Heifer Ranch Mission Trip
  • Logic
  • O2 Outdoor Education Program
  • Ski Days
  • Piney Lake Camping Trip

Eighth Grade

  • Moab Camping Trip
  • Leadership
  • O2 Outdoor Education Program
  • Washington D.C. Trip
  • School Store
  • Spirit Week 8th Grade versus Teachers
  • Ski Days

Electives and Enrichment (6th-8th)

  • Home Economics
  • Art
  • Chapel Band
  • Chess
  • Physical Education and Outdoor Education
  • Latin 

Honors English

  • Composition I and II
  • Classical Vocabulary
  • Independent Reading
  • Book Reports and Projects
  • Integrated Research Report

Social Sciences

  • Google Classroom
  • McGraw Hill Online Curriculum
  • Ancient and Medieval World History
  • Geography
  • US History


  • Saxon-6
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Geometry (Honors class)


  • Google Classroom
  • McGraw Hill Integrated Earth, Physical, and Life Science
  • Project-based Learning with Experiments


  • NWEA MAP Testing 
  • High School Placement Test (Winter and Spring)