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Outdoor Education

Goal: To build each student with a Christian character through outdoor education activities. Vail Christian Academy outdoor education program “O2” will equip students with practical skills and knowledge of their outdoor environment.  Though this program, Vail Christian Academy will strengthen each students understanding and appreciation for God and His creation.  To instill a desire to have a positive impact on others and to develop leaders who make wise choices based on experience, knowledge, and God’s Word.


O2 is our outdoor education program that exposes our students to the environment that surrounds them and promotes appreciation for the outdoors and respect for all of creation through experiential learning.  The O2 Program enhances each individual’s knowledge of the rivers and the mountains through hands on activities and personalized instruction from experts in our community.  7th and 8th grade students will rock climb, kayak, river raft, learn avalanche recovery and survival techniques, tie ropes, build fires and shelters and truly enjoy the extreme and awe-inspiring outdoors that we call home. 



“The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands…” ~Psalm 19:1