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Home School Extension Program

Home School Extension Program

VCA Elective Enrollment

This program is designed for home schooling families that would like to partner with VCA to educate their children in Music, Physical Education, Art and Foreign Language. The cost to enroll in the Elective Program is based on the percentage of time spent weekly in the class in relation to the total hours offered at VCA. Tuition is charged at $315/credit hour annually. Please refer to the menu below detailing final expense for each special class.


Enrolling families may choose any number of applicable classes from the menu below:


Subject    Grades Available        Meets         Hours per week              Annual Tuition

Art                  K-8                                 1 x for .5 hours                               $157.50

P.E.                 K-8                                2 x for .75 hours                              $472.50

Music               K-8                                2 x for .5 hours                                $315.00

Latin                2-5                                1 hour/week                                    $315.00

Spanish            6-8                                2 hours/week                                   $630.00

Logic                 7                                  2 hours/week                                   $630.00


To enroll your child in our Electives, please Apply.